Thursday was the Vernal Equinox, which means spring has officially sprung! In LA, that basically means it’s summer because it’s always 75 and sunny…or something like that. Although you haven’t yet started complaining about the heat, we’re sure it can’t be that far away at this point.

Frankly, what says “pleasant sunny days” better than equally cheerful music? Whether you’re driving down the coast or just catching some rays during your lunch break, you obviously need a soundtrack for the season, so enjoy this list of songs that perennially scream “spring.”

Your Soundtrack to Spring Tracklist:

01. Haim – “Honey and I”
02. Rilo Kiley – “Spectacular Views”
03. Cults – “Go Outside”
04. She and Him – “In the Sun”
05. Cayucas – “Swimsuit”
06. The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights”
07. Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”
08. The Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun”
09. Weezer – “Island in the Sun”
10. Vampire Weekend – “M79”
11. Regina Spektor – “Fidelity”