On March 16th last year, Jason Molina died at the age of 39 from organ failure brought on by alcohol abuse. The singer-songwriter was one of the most prolific and greatest American songwriters of recent times and produced an incredibly consistent series of albums, most prominently under the monikers of Songs: Ohia and The Magnolia Electric Co.

I will go into my impression of his career later in the week, but for now in remembrance of the first anniversary of his death, here is a career-spanning playlist of some of his finest songs.

The Music of Jason Molina Tracklist:

01. Songs: Ohia – “Captain Badass” (from Axxess and Ace, 1999)
02. Songs: Ohia – “Lioness” (from The Lioness, 2000)
03. Songs: Ohia – “The Body Burned Away” (from Ghost Tropic, 2000)
04. Songs: Ohia – “Blue Chicago Moon” (from Didn’t It Rain, 2002)
05. Songs: Ohia – “Farewell Transmission” (from The Magnolia Electric Co., 2003)
06. Magnolia Electric Co. – “The Dark Don’t Hide It” (from What Comes After The Blues, 2005)
07. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Talk To Me Devil, Again” (from Fading Trails, 2006)
08. Magnolia Electric Co. – “What Comes After The Blues” (from Nashville Moon, 2007)
09. Magnolia Electric Co. – “In The Human World” (from Black Ram, 2007)
10. Magnolia Electric Co. – “O! Grace” (from Josephine, 2009)

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