When the lights went down, the curious sounds of bugs and monkeys crept onto the PA. It was the sound of Jungle (not the jungle… just Jungle).

UK blogs have been losing their shit trying to figure out something about the most secretive band from across the pond. They provide limited information on their Facebook page and website. If you search for “Jungle band” on Google Images, you find a few shots from their videos, pics of the all-female group Neon Jungle, and some pretty amazing screen shots from Van Damme’s Welcome to the Jungle.

All questions aside, Jungle is making a pretty big stink on the international music scene, and regardless of their short tenure, they delivered one of the best show’s LA has seen this year at The Echo on March 17th.


The show kicked off with LA’s own James Supercave, who killed it. Not only do they have a residency at The Echo this month, they have an EP coming out and will be supporting Warpaint on their upcoming tour. Their groovy, indie disco sound showed why they deserve a residency at LA’s hot spot. With full, rich textures and guitar leads that are dirty and cut through the mix like a chainsaw (in a really good way), James Supercave will definitely be a local band to keep an eye on this year.


Trust me, when Jungle is playing, you will vibe like you did the first time you heard funk. They have the electronic grooves of Daft Punk, the vocal harmonies of TV On The Radio, and the kind of heavy, droning basslines that shake rooms. The rich sound they are able to produce with only five members — four men and one woman — is amazing. They were playing to tracks at The Echo, but when in the UK, their live show consists of about twice as many members filling in the gaps.


On almost every lyric, Jungle’s two frontmen and the female singer harmonized, resulting in a full and layered vocal sound. The members swapped instruments seamlessly on nearly every song, and the guitarist/bassist also made a trip behind the drums at one point to help with the percussion. Said percussion setup was simple but beyond rad: one cymbal and roughly a half dozen empty glass Coke bottles clanking together.


Jungle has a air of mystery about them that people are still trying to figure out. As I mentioned before, UK blogs are touting them as the UK’s most secretive group. They maintained that mystique throughout the show. Stage lights never went too bright, and the two male singers had recording screens (little black foam circles) in front of their mics, assuring that their faces could not be seen easily.


Beyond all the mystery, Jungle just plain rocked this show, and LA seemed to know something about them seeing as the show was sold out. Being a young band, they have such a small collection of music at this point that their set was probably not as long as that of their opener, but it was so good that it didn’t seem to matter.

After Monday’s show at The Echo, Jungle might have gone straight from the venue to the airport, only having a few days between their time at SXSW and LA and their next group of shows in England. Then just today the group announced a new series of US dates, including a stop by El Rey Theatre on June 6th. They just started off, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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