With one more show left in their residency at The Echo, LA’s own James Supercave released their debut EP, The Afternoon, this week. I was lucky enough to catch their show last week when UK band Jungle crashed the residency. Both bands put on a great show, and James Supercave showed why they deserve the weekly spot. Their new EP reveals multiple sides to the band, ones that include curious and thoughtful lyrics, driving grooves, and unique songwriting.

The Afternoon opens up with a soft key line that eases you into the record and is accompanied by a chill electronic groove. The vocals come in with a high-pitched and slightly choked feel, perhaps alluding to the opening track’s title, “Old Robot,” as do the lyrics “I’ve got a robot on tape for a friend.” Overall, the lyrics on the four track EP call to loneliness and isolation while the music and melodies cause heads to bob and asses to shake.

The standout track on The Afternoon is definitely “The Right Thing.” From the first notes, the song will have you dancing, and the infectious chorus will be stuck in your head for at least 4-5 days. The structure of the song is a little strange, but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Some sections seem almost out of place at first, slowing down then speeding up before the song ends with a guitar solo.


As the album continues, it reveals a mellower side to the band, finishing with two songs that are strange and almost unsettling, but in a good way! Creepy tones next to wavy melodies ride atop dry beats. By the end of the EP’s 16 minutes, I feel like I’ve experienced a full representation of James Supercave’s sound. They deliver a danceable groove, utilize spacey tones, and have a curiosity about them that leaves the listener wanting more.

James Supercave’s debut EP is a great start for a band with a bright future. They are finishing up their residency at The Echo this Monday, March 31st, and preparing to go out on the road with Future Islands and Warpaint. Check out The Afternoon below and support this great local band!

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