Your concert-going experience just got a little bit more hi-tech. This morning the app WillCall rolled out in LA. Named by Forbes as one of the Hottest Startups in 2013, the app was already available in the New York and San Francisco markets.

Lest we think that Silicon Valley forgot about its brother from another mother in Southern California, WillCall will now offer Angelenos a curated list of shows around town and make it easy to buy tickets with just a couple taps — no waiting in line or dealing with the box office required. You can even buy merch through the app.

Willcall App

Do we really need another ticketing app, though, as providers like Redline and StubHub already exist? Glad you asked. What WillCall looks to do is differentiate themselves with their hand-curated show lists and their Bartab tool. With Bartab, users can buy drinks through the app at select venues.

Sean Parker (the real one, not the Justin Timberlake one), Universal Music Group, and a host of others have recently helped WillCall raise $2 million in funding. Hey! I need funding, too. Can you help a girl out? I need to fund my apartment…and my refrigerator…and, well, all the things, really.

WillCall is free and available on Android and iOS devices. And like any startup worth its mettle, WillCall will be throwing a coming out party for itself. The very first WillCall Presents show in LA will be taking place on March 27th.

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