Coachella is just around the corner, SXSW just finished…I guess we’re supposed to be content with doing things other than going to shows for these two weeks between festivals. Staying in would help “promote personal fiscal responsibility” and “preserve your hearing.” At least that’s what I (barely) hear from friends with “lives” or whatever.

They don’t know what they’re missing. You won’t either if you don’t keep scrolling.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib @ The Echo – Friday, March 28th – Tickets

Talk about epic. Madlib is a one of the most well regarded producers in the pantheon of underground hip hop. His record with MF Doom as Madvillain was one of the most memorable rap albums ever. His beats are amazing, and Gibbs is amazing, too, but in a different way. I got to see him perform live for the first time last year. Lyrically, he’s unassailable. His content is gritty and street-bred, but artfully constructed. This new project of their’s, Cocaine Pinata, has all the marks of a classic.


Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks @ El Rey Theatre – Friday, March 28th – Tickets

Full disclosure: I’ve listened to Pavement, but I’ve never listened to Stephen Malkmus’ other project. Malkmus is a good rock vocalist, and the people in this picture with him seem to be in good spirits and reasonably healthy. I see no reason to not be interested in this show. So long as they play music, at least. I’d be super disappointed if we ended up going on a nature walk or something.


Sander Kleinenberg @ Sound Nightclub – Saturday, March 29th – Tickets

I’ve spoken at length about how much I like Sound. I’m also a fan of the housey soundscapes from Sander Kleinenberg. Judging from my interactions with both entities, this’ll likely be a good night for house fanatics. Who knows? Maybe he’ll mix some trance in there, too, if the crowd is feeling it.


Baths @ The Glass House – Saturday, March 29th – Tickets

Will Weisenfield does pretty well for himself when we bloggers end up talking about his project Baths. I know I really enjoyed Obsidian. This show will likely feature cuts from that album, but my hope is that listeners will get a chance to hear some singles from Cerulean. If Baths manages to make it out of The Glass House without playing “Animals,” I will be amazed.


Glasier (LIVE) @ Exchange LA – Saturday, March 29th – Tickets

Checking out Glasier might be worth it just to see what kind of talent Richie Hawtin is signing to his new label. Like Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman), Glasier sticks to the “less is more” strategy of EDM production. This one will go all night (’til 6!).


Cody ChesnuTT @ The Troubadour – Sunday, March 30th – Tickets

I’m not a huge Cody ChesnuTT fan, but I loved his voice on that single with The Roots a few years back. He’s always stuck out in my mind as a more bearded version of Anthony Hamilton. That’s really not an evaluative statement; they just always seemed so similar. The man has an excellent voice is what I’m saying. If you’ve got time to turn down on Sunday, check it out.

cody chesnutt