You know what’s dumb? The fact that Saint Patrick’s day is a Monday. Since getting shitfaced on the first day of the week is frowned on, why not turn up during the weekend? Here are a few events for the dance music fans out there looking to get down this weekend.

Team Supreme vs DJ Shadow @ The Echo – Friday, March 14th – Tickets

“Oh, another DJ night. You’re so predictable.”

Yeah, well, shove it. This one is different. Normally a DJ is some dude spinning records, guiding the crowd, whatever. Friday night at The Echo, however, there are rules. You see, every week, a producer picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around and everyone uses guidelines to come up with something cool, and Friday is when they get to show it off. Tonight? The headliner is DJ Shadow. If there’s a man alive who knows how to turn a random sample into a classic, it’s this guy. And, maybe Kanye West, but whatever. He isn’t here.

Several other DJs will be present, though. Great Dane, Elos, Zikomo, King Henry, and Kenny Segal will be spinning. This is a great option if you’re looking for more than just another night at the bar. As a plus, this is The Echo, so you’re not going to pay through your nose for tickets or drinks.

Team Supreme at The Echo

Hospitality @ Los Globos – Saturday, March 15th – Tickets

Here’s something a little different. If you’re sick of the normal uhn-tiss uhn-tiss of house music nightclubs, Hospital Records has the cure with smooth as silk drum ‘n bass. Bassrush used to be one of my favorite weeklies back in the day, so it’s good to see it making a comeback in some way. Hospital Records have made their name on uplifting, soulful DnB. If you’re into EDM but never got into drum ‘n bass, this is a good night to get started.


Arcade feat. Rebecca and Fiona @ Create Nightclub – Saturday, March 15th – Tickets

Sweden, for whatever reason, has a tendency to pump out these really talented producers and DJs. Their house scene in particular is prolific. Rebecca and Fiona are two of the latest producers bringing that in-your-face, fist-bumping, big-room electro house sound from across the Atlantic.


Seth Troxler @ Exchange LA – Saturday, March 15th – Tickets

Techno and deep house are Seth’s game. He’s made his name off producing and spinning the deep stuff, which makes this the place to be if you’re more interested in dancing than raging. Also, Exchange closes at 6 am. Night owls, this is your spot.

seth Troxler