The desert is kind of a romantic setting. Not in the lovey-dovey sense, but in that it’s austere, isolated, and beautiful. I think Moby captured that feeling really well with his video for the song “The Lonely Night,” and Simian Mobile Disco is on the same wavelength. They’ve decided to record their entire next album, Whorl, live under the night sky at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, Joshua Tree. I don’t think I’m wrong in assuming it will be a surreal night.

The guys behind FYF Fest are also throwing their weight behind this production. Think of this as a post-Coachella, pre-FYF tapas plate of good electronic music in a unique setting. It is far. Like, Coachella far. There’s a motel nearby that’s averaging $70 a night, so if driving two hours back to LA sounds exhausting, you don’t have to.


Simian Mobile Disco sort of burst into the electronic music scene at an interesting time. They were born from a splinter of rock band Simian’s breakup. Before that, though, one of Simian’s songs was remixed by then-unknowns Justice (“We Are Your Friends“). That remix slid Justice into popular focus and (likely?) influenced the direction of Simian Mobile Disco.

Ultimately, it’s a good thing. Simian Mobile Disco has gone on to make really fun dance music. Their latter albums have turned towards a more techy sound, but the guys know how to make a good house track. Whorl will be performed using only two synths and two sequencers. Honestly? That’s probably enough.

I know I get tired of the club environment, so this will be a welcome change of pace from the cramped, crowded pits that have come to characterize EDM events. To think, raves in California got their start at desert parties. Such music works in these open spaces in a way that’s hard to replicate. I don’t know what Whorl will sound like, but this’ll be a helluva way to find out.

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