One of the hardest things to do as a band is follow another band that totally killed it. I recently had the challenge of following The Record Company at The Bootleg Theatre. Let me just say that the band I was playing with that night is good…really good. We put on a great show. But no band should ever have to play after these guys.

The amount of sound The Record Company produces as a three piece is unbelievable. They are dirty, raw blues rock that can shake a room and make everyone dance uncontrollably, and the energy they create is electric and will exceed all expectations. The Record Company recently opened for B.B. King and deserve to be among that kind of musical talent. Considering their sound, they really should be based out of Austin, but lucky for us, they are still here in LA.

With a new record coming soon, The Record Company will be holding their release party at The Satellite on April 4th. Opening for them will be The Janks and Ume, so expect a fun night with lots to talk about. Don’t miss this show.

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