I’ve got to hand it to Sound, they’ve really been on a roll lately when it comes to the less “EDM-y” electronic dance music scene. House music mainstay Felix da Housecat made an appearance there a few months ago, and Kastle, an electronic R&B producer, will be spinning there Thursday night alongside label mates Vindata (one of my current favorites).

Friday, though…well, Friday’s a big one.

Pete Tong by himself would be a solid headliner for a night at Sound. If you’re not familiar with the guy, he’s a resident DJ for BBC Radio 1. His “Essential Mix” is the trendsetter when it comes to electronic music. People like to toss around the term “DJ” when they’re talking about EDM producers, but they’re really talking about two different arts. Pete Tong is an actual DJ, and the dude knows his music. Moby obviously needs no introduction, and seeing them together in a single night is a truly special opportunity. The music will be excellent.

As you might expect, the show is nearly sold out, but a few tickets are left. If you like electronic music at all and want to hear some genuinely good music, this is the night to do it. Plus, some of the show’s proceeds will go to a no-kill animal shelter.

You will literally be saving puppies while you rave.

More Info:

All Gone Pete Tong feat. Pete Tong and Moby