If Lightning in a Bottle’s jaw-dropping main lineup hasn’t convinced you to go to the fest, the triple header release of the Temple of Consciousness, Yoga, and Grand Artique lineups should sweeten the deal. ¬†

As I covered in my review of last year’s shenanigans, Lightning in a Bottle is so much more than a music festival — it’s an experience festival. These lineups are a huge part of what makes the Lightning in a Bottle experience unique.

Moving past the big-name electronic acts on the main lineup poster, the Temple of Consciousness will be bringing its share of speakers, workshops, world tunes, and more.

Lightning in a Bottle

If you’re feeling the need to work up a sweat, you can practice your¬†Chaturanga Dandasana to your heart’s content at the yoga tent under the tutelage of some of the most renowned yogis.


Then there’s the Frontierville stylings of The Grand Artique, which will feature musical acts like the Herbert Bail Orchestra alongside a trading post/general store.

Lightning in a Bottle

All in all, Memorial Day is shaping up to be one hell of a weekend.