I’m inclined to think that spring is Nick Waterhouse’s favorite time of year. Just about this time last year the soul musician was rocking his Record Store Day special edition vinyl at Origami Vinyl. Now a year later Waterhouse has released his second studio album, Holly.

To be sure, we have seen a resurgence of soul over the last decade, but this genre is owned by women — Amy Winehouse, Adele, Sharon Jones, Alice Russel, et al. — and while some male artists offer stylized romps in the soul genre, Waterhouse offers a darker, more raw aesthetic that I have seen nowhere else. His voice is a layered enigma. Cold, wounded, inviting, and soulful.


Waterhouse seems poised to take the country by storm. Just last weekend the soulster played to a hometown crowd at the American Legion Hall, and he has now embarked on a tour that will take him along the West Coast and ultimately all the way to Europe. In addition to his tour plans, Waterhouse is also the official soundtrack to Lexus with the most recent commercial for the luxury brand featuring the ever-dapper Waterhouse crooning amid the backdrop of Lexus sedans and the LA cityscape.

As airwaves and venues are packed with dreamy, dancey synth-pop, Waterhouse works a straight ahead classic sound that is a display of sheer technique and subtle bravado. Raised in Southern California, groomed in NorCal, Waterhouse has no doubt made his mark on the west. As he makes the rounds for his sophomore effort, he’s landing both synch deals and larger venues. Can the swing in his sound propel Holly and Waterhouse to that next level? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: it will certainly be fun to watch.

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