The Vim Dicta is no stranger to LA Music Blog. The trio has been featured on the site multiple times for show reviews, EP reviews, and interviews, but this time around, they are back on the LAmb with their new video for “Point Blank.” Being that the track is one of my favorites on the Von Tango EP, I am glad they chose it for their first video.

Directed by Katie Rose, who I think was a perfect fit for both The Vim Dicta and this track, the video features lead singer Cori Elliot trying to escape the wrath of what I can only speculate are her inner-most demons…or maybe just some horrifyingly deranged people, including guitarist Matt Tunney, drummer Chris Infusio, and an alternate darker character only known as “Sister.”

The video premiered earlier this week on Baebel Music, and its stylized black-and-white aesthetic works on multiple levels — from the way the video was shot to the locations used to the clothing color (or lack thereof) — to separate the evil from the pure. The haunting/traumatizing events in the video definitely match the aggression and pain in this track, and I think The Vim Dicta could not have broken into the music video world in a better way.

If you want a more public viewing, tonight The Vim Dicta will be showing the full video at The Viper Room and doing a meet & greet and discussion after. Once you get a chance to watch it through, let us know your thoughts on the video and what you took away from it in the comments as we always love hear another point of view!

Vim Dicta Video Release

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