I don’t know when my obsession with St. Vincent reached its current level, but from the moment I heard the artist’s first album, I knew she was something special, and with the forthcoming release of her self-titled full-length, she seems to be both reining in her sound and getting more and more out there.

Since releasing her last solo record, St. Vincent has collaborated on Love This Giant with David Byrne, an album that featured a thumping, rhythmic horn section in lieu of lead guitar and bass. Continuing her growth as an artist and allowing her worlds to meld into one artistic body, this same horn bounce shows up on St. Vincent’s new record via the song “Digital Witness.”

If your head isn’t bobbing during this track, there is clearly something wrong with you. Equal parts funk, pop, and art, St. Vincent is at the forefront of the mutating sound of pop music. With the right balance of crazy and brilliance, I expect this album to be amazing and influential. The video for “Digital Witness” will raise your eyebrows and move your ass simultaneously. Expect a big year for legit music’s rising queen.

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