Aww yiss.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You know what that means? Sex. February 14th is essentially the international day of boning across the country. People like to pussyfoot around it and say things like, “Oh, it’s just a day to express your love towards the person(s) who holds a special place in your heart,” but come on. The chocolates? Flowers? Candlelight dinners? The minute you walk into “Chez Fancypants” for dinner with your sweetheart, everyone within eyeshot knows exactly what’s going down later that night. It is known.

For that reason, I’ve prepared this little playlist of R&B, slow jams, and beats built for dark bedrooms and satin sheets. They’re dark, sultry moodsetters from some of my favorite artists of late. It’s for the single folks, too. If you’re not heading out to a show on Friday…well, just put this on, lock the door, and tell your roommate you’re “studying.”

10 Fresh Baby-Makin’ Beats Tracklist:

01. ASTR – “Hold On We’re Going Home” (Drake Cover)
02. Esta – “For You” Feat. Her Too
03. StarRo – “Seduction”
04. The Weekend  – “What You Need”
05. Shlohmo feat. Jeremih – “Bo Peep Do U Right”
06. Snakehips – “On & On” (Kaytranada Remix)
07. Banks – “Warm Water”
08. Sade – “Nothing Can Come between Us” (Pomo Remix)
09. Brandy – “Baby” (Sweater Beats Remix)
10. Sam Smith – “Latch” (Acoustic)