Since Beyonce’s excellent self-titled album dropped, her single “Drunk in Love” has been everywhere. Not only has the original song, which features Jay-Z, been played on near-constant repeat on radio, but a myriad of covers and remixes have been released recently, including ones from Angel Haze, Kanye West, Diplo, the Weeknd, and James Blake.

This time around, British dance pop artist Katy P took on “Drunk in Love” at a live, in-studio session for Rinse.FM. Her version, which starts with a rendition of Tinashe’s “Vulnerable,” is a stripped-down, low-key tune. She relaxes the high-energy song while still maintaining some of the original’s slinky sensuality.

The cover follows Katy P’s newest album, Little Red, which came out earlier this month.

Check out the cover below.

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