Although I was admittedly somewhat tepid about Melbourners Cut Copy’s latest release, Free Your Mind, there was one track in particular that I felt “exude[d] the band’s carefree, danceable sound so much so that it’s easily one of my favorite Cut Copy tracks of all time.” Apparently the band/record label must have thought so too because they decided to make “We Are Explorers” the album’s third single. Be still my beating heart!

Filmed in Los Angeles, the video for “We Are Explorers” features a pair of 3D-printed characters gallivanting around various spots in our fair city stop-motion style before drifting out into the wide open ocean with the iconic Santa Monica Pier in the background. For the artistically gifted, BitTorrent is offering the 3D print files for each character in the video along with a guide to stop-motion shooting for fans to create their own films that can be shared with the band using the hashtag #WeAreExplorers.  

If all this isn’t enough to get you pumped for their upcoming April 1 show at the Hollywood Palladium, I’m not sure what would be.

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