Guys. If you’re a fan of electronic music, this was a good month for you. There might not have been any major, colossal, world-shattering announcements, but there were a lot of new sounds worth listening to released into the blogosphere. There was new stuff off hometown heroes Vindata’s upcoming EP, two lovely new records from new-to-LA band Misun, tracks from Kelela, Mat Zo, Paul Oakenfold, Broods… The list goes on, and here are the highlights.

Vindata – “All I Need” ft. Kenzie May


Electronic beat duo Vindata is finally getting around to releasing their first EP after being signed to Symbols, the label owned by popular electronic music producer Kastle. If you’re familiar with his sound (which ranges from thumping, hip-hop house remixes to sexy downtempo R&B), you’re probably already on board with Vindata. For those who aren’t? Vindata has a knack for creating chill beats. Sonically, they’re similar to Odesza, but with more willingness to jump out of their genre.

“All I Need” is the first cut off their new EP. It sounds like a spring morning in the city. The bass thumps. There are birds chirping. It’s just a good groove. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this record.

Misun – “Sun Made”


The chillwave is strong with this one. I saw Misun earlier this month at the Bootleg Theater, and I got a chance to talk to them about their latest single, “Sleep.” Before that, though, I hadn’t really given Misun a lot of research or a lot of attention. Then I heard “Sun Made.” It’s not a new song for the month, but it was new to me. Warm synths chop along in the background like the white caps off of waves. I could swim in this sound.

Kelela – “The High”


Kelela is/has been/will continue to be one of my favorite singers for the considerable future. Her album Cut 4 Me was a standout from last year. This track is straight lust. There’s hardly even a beat. All you get is a bass that just pulses like…something that pulses. Sometimes simple is sexy.

Jakwob – “Somebody New” ft. Tiffani Juno


Not from LA, but I wish he would come here so I could see him live. Jakwob is a producer who found popularity last year with his single “Fade.” That was beautiful drum ‘n bass track that was also very, very accessible. Even more so than someone like Netsky. “Somebody New” is Jakwob’s first release after being signed to DnB legend Shy Fx’s Digital Soundboy label. It heads off in a different, determinedly more housey direction. I dig it, and you probably will, too.

Mat Zo – “Only for You” ft. Rachel Collier


Mat Zo is probably the biggest success story to come out of Anjuna Beats, and for good reason. The guy is, easily, one of the most versatile and talented EDM producers out there. You won’t find him just sticking to trance, or only making big-room house anthems, or just doing electro. The dude’s got skills. “Only for You” is a wavy, funky house track à la Classixx. Right down to the vocals. I ain’t even mad. That’s how good this kid is.