Phantogram’s come quite some way since Eyelid Movies, haven’t they? The quirky two-piece from New York now has two more members, radio play, a new record, production credits with the legendary Big Boi…they’ve done a lot since 2010, and last week they added to the list of accomplishments when they played to a sold-out crowd at The Hollywood Palladium in support of their latest album, Voices. (Originally the show was scheduled for the Wiltern, which would’ve been my personal preference of venue, but the ballroom actually felt appropriate for their newer music.)

I’m a fan of Phantogram. I loved Eyelid Movies, and I thought the Nightlife EP was a great. That said, I really don’t like “Falling in Love.” Rather, I didn’t like it before seeing the group live. The song feels needlessly noisy and a little annoying on the record and on the radio…

phantogrampalladium (13)

…but played live, the track makes sense. With the pumping spotlights and the energy of a crowd, it really makes sense. The beat comes through as a drive to move instead of a drill.

Clearly, the band is changing. They’re more intense, which could be a good thing, depending on how you felt about them before. For me, as one who fell in love with the band the second I heard “When I’m Small,” the evolution is exciting but scary. The introspective moodiness that made Phantogram who they are is still present, but you have to wonder for how long.

Best songs of the night: “Black Out Days,” “Don’t Move,” “Falling in Love,” “Mouthful of Diamonds,” “Celebrating Nothing”

Phantogram At The Palladium Setlist:

Nothing But Trouble
Running From the Cops
As Far as I Can See
Black Out Days
Turning Into Stone
Bad Dreams
Don’t Move
The Day You Died
Bill Murray
I Don’t Blame You
Falling In Love
Howling at the Moon
When I’m Small


Mouthful of Diamonds
Celebrating Nothing
Futuristic Casket

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