Is it possible the ‘She’ of She & Him is stepping out on her own? Zooey Deschanel has recently signed a multi-year deal with Spirit Music Group, one of the world’s leading independent music publishers, owning and/or managing more than 75,000 songs spanning seven decades and every musical genre from Billie Holiday to Matt & Kim.

Well, what does this mean exactly, you ask? Will birds still help Zooey get dressed in the morning? Will more of her music be on The New Girl? Are bangs still going to be a thing? They’re still a thing, right? (Yes, just not for Michelle Obama).

What this means is Spirit will likely be giving new life to Zooey’s personal back catalog of songs and finding new and wider ranging outlets for her future work. Deschanel has contributed songs to many of her film and television projects in the last decade, including Yes Man, Bridge To Terabithia, 500 Days Of Summer, Elf, and The New Girl. So that said, the answer to all of the above is…well, probably yes.

She & Him have released three standard albums in their relatively short career as well as a Christmas release. M. Ward may have been the creative partner Deschanel needed to make the legitimate transition from film to music in 2008, but now that she has solidified her cross-genre career, perhaps both She and Him are looking to explore their own musical pursuits.

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