Like many music lovers, my first encounter with singer/producer/DJ JD Samson was via Le Tigre, the turn-of-the-century dance-punk act formed by Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill) and notable for its political lyrics and pro-gender equality themes. (If you’ve ever wanted to feel like an anti-establishment badass from the safety of your office cubical, just cue up some Le Tigre on Spotify to go along with your bag lunch. Then maybe donate to GLAAD or something for good measure.)

In 2007, Samson went on to front her own project, JD Samson & MEN (formerly just MEN), a Brooklyn-based band/art/performance collective that promotes political awareness through high-energy shows and uncompromising lyrical content. Next week, the group will be swinging into The Bootleg Theater for a show presented by LA Music Blog, and because we’re so excited about JD Samson & MEN coming to LA (and because we know the therapeutic benefits of a night on the dance floor), we’re offering our readers the chance to win one of TWO pairs of tickets to this show!

Details on how to enter are below, but if you aren’t one of the lucky two, you can still purchase tickets to see JD Samson & MEN at the Bootleg for just 10 bucks. Ridiculously worth it.

You can enter up to six times by doing the following:

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