With the release of Present Tense this week, it’s safe to say that no one else really sounds like Wild Beasts. The Kendal quartet has carved itself a particular avant-garde pop niche in a way that perhaps only Dirty Projectors have done recently, and they’ve emerged as one of Britain’s finest bands in the process. Present Tense was the result of a long process, but that result is arguably Wild Beast’s best collection of songs to date.

Wild Beasts Present Tense Album Cover Art

Now the band, fronted by the gorgeous twinned vocal talents of Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little, will be bringing their new material to a rare headlining date in Los Angeles. The show at the Troubadour on Thursday, March 6th, is already sold out, so if you do still want to go, you might have to beg or steal your ticket from somebody (disclaimer: I do not advocate theft). As one of only two Stateside shows on Wild Beast’s tour schedule, the Troubadour show should be a real treat, so for those who are going, entertain yourself with the new album’s brilliant lead single, “Wanderlust,” below.

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