I am by no means LA Music Blog’s expert on electronica (Lesley, Marcus, and Twila all got me beat in that arena), but I do listen to my fair share of electronic music and one local artist has recently caught my ear with his ambient blend of synthetic and organic sounds.

Born Art Paz, electronic music producer Zaptra has been kicking around the LA music scene since 2004 when he started out making music using just a drum machine and acoustic guitar. Since then, he has built a following for himself to the point where he earned the #7 spot on Deli Magazine’s Best of 2012 Poll for Emerging LA Artists.

Zaptra Flyer

Paz’s third effort, the Pulular EP, was just released on January 21st and features artwork by fellow Southern Californian Darryl Blood, the designer for all Zaptra releases. Indeed, Zaptra is about the look almost as much as he is the sound, which is why his EP release show at Los Globos on February 20th is going to be one you don’t want to miss. Featuring LED balloons, 3D visuals, and synchronized video projection, Zaptra has quite the live show planned, and we at LA Music Blog are excited to be co-presenting the event!

Support for Zaptra’s Pulular EP release show comes by way of LA-based DJ/producer Slow Graffiti, who was named a Future Star Of 2014 by BBC Radio 1, and Late Night Laggers collective member Kidbusiness, so this is a solid lineup from top to bottom.

Ridiculously reasonably priced tickets are still available for $5 in advance, and for more information, visit:

Los Globos