2013 marked my first brush with the magical wonderland known as Lightning in a Bottle. Although I went into my first LIB with a fair amount of uncertainty, I left utterly enamored. With its stellar music lineup, tight-knit community feel, and seemingly never-ending array of activities, Lightning in a Bottle was truly in a realm of its own even by my jaded festival veteran standards.

This year’s LIB will be held at a new venue in Bradley, CA on Memorial Day Weekend (May 22nd-26th). Like last year, the festival organizers are offering a multitude of ticketing and camping options. Rush-N-Get-Em early bird tickets will be available for 24 hours starting Tuesday, February 18, at 10 AM and will begin at $225; when those have sold out, they bump up a notch to $235. When the Rush-N-Get-Em sale ends, passes will be available during the general sale for $260. Considering your ticket covers on-site camping and four days of music, yoga, and other assorted acts of tomfoolery, any of the price points are, in my opinion, a steal.

For those who are on a tight time and/or money budget, two-day tickets are also available at a palatable $195. A limited number of car camping and RV parking passes are also available. For more info, check out Lightning in a Bottle’s ticketing page.