Oh, those synths. Those vocals. If silicon were psychoactive, Com Truise is what tripping would feel like. Yesterday he released this remix of the Weeknight’s “Dark Light,” a delicious mix of moody vocals, punchy drum sequencing, and warm synths.

It’s pretty typical Com Truise-y stuff, though I think the guy often gets unfairly labeled as an “’80s musician.” Synths were popular back then, but they were abused to the point of being corny. Then it was just a gimmick. Truise is a real enthusiast. A shaman of the waveform. A disciple of the analogue. A master of the…well, you get my drift.

Com Truise’s new EP, Wave 1, is due for release on February 18th. This remix is a good sign of what to expect, but you can always check out his Soundcloud page for more cuts off the EP, and if you like what you hear, be sure to enter our ticket giveaway to enjoy Com Truise at The Echoplex on 2/28.

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