Aside from my love of music itself, I’m also a huge fan of the music discovery process and how one good find can lead to another. Ready for an example? After discovering electro-pop artist Conway through her video for “Hustler,” I decided to dig a little deeper into the LA-based singer/songwriter and learned that she’s a client of Pulse Management. This, of course, led to my checking out Pulse’s roster, and that’s the story of how I met Bootstraps. (HIMYM, take note. We call that “getting to the point.”)

With the February 18th rerelease of their self-titled debut album via Harvest Records (a division of Capitol Records) and a recently wrapped residency at Hotel Cafe, LA’s Bootstraps are poised for a breakout year in 2014. If you’re a fan of Ray LaMontagne and/or rock music that makes you want to close your eyes and sway your head, check out the group’s track “Sleeping Giant” below and then pick up a copy of the full Bootstraps album via iTunes.

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