While we may never see a resurgence in the 8-track or cassette singles, one method of music consumption previously considered outdated is making a big comeback…and not just so your friendly neighborhood hipster can feel like the coolest kid on the scene.

Thanks to advances in technology, the boombox — that iconic symbol of ‘70s urban street life and hip-hop culture — is back and decidedly better than ever. Sleeker, louder, and higher in quality than their decades-old predecessors, today’s portable, Bluetooth-enabled speakers are currently a multi-million-dollar industry featuring the biggest players in music technology.

From Skullcandy’s water-resistant Air Raid to Beacon Audio’s sleek Blazar, today’s portable speakers boast a range of styles and technical specifications, but why are companies choosing to revisit the boombox now, 30+ years after the devices first rose to prominence? Find out by visiting iQ by Intel!

This is another is a series of articles written by LAmb co-founder Kristin Houser in conjunction with the iQ by Intel series to explore the link between technology and music.