I first fell in love with Los Angeles resident Morgan Page in 2008 after listening to his song “Longest Road.” The remix of that track by Deadmau5 went on to receive a GRAMMY nomination in 2009, and in 2011, Page’s remix of Nadia Ali’s “Fantasy” received a GRAMMY nomination as well. The motivated DJ/producer manages to post a weekly podcast, remix hundreds of tracks, and tour internationally all while bringing an astonishing energy to each and every dance floor he encounters. LA residents can experience that energy for themselves when Page brings his music to Avalon Hollywood this weekend for a two-day takeover on Friday and Saturday.

Page’s sound has remained fresh and positive throughout his career, and his shows have continued to excite massive crowds around the world. I had the pleasure of chatting with the talented producer recently and gained some insight into the mastermind behind all these good vibes and great tracks.

What are your takeaways from your Morgan Page Presents 3D Tour? Would you do something like that again?

Yeah. You know, it was a huge tour. It was definitely a big undertaking with that many shows and three months of touring, so I think if we do it again, maybe we’d do less, but it was a pretty life-changing experience. It changed the way I think future shows will happen. We’ll maybe put more production in, more 3D shows. It was crazy.

What do you currently listen to when you’re looking for inspiration?

Right now a lot of indie stuff. A lot of cool, obscure things like this singer Chris Bathgate, who’s doing really amazing things. We’re working on some stuff. I like to find artists before they blow up. It’s a lot easier to deal with artists that are emerging. It’s kind of cool. You can help them shape their sound and kind of combine your influences together.

Do you do a lot of producing when you’re touring, or do you tend to really work in the studio?

Pretty much I save it for when I’m back with big speakers back in the studio. I do get to do some stuff on the road, but more like edits and mash-ups and the radio show.

Speaking of your radio show, what is your methodology when you’re creating your weekly podcast, “In the Air”?

Biggest thing is showcasing the newest music. It can only work with what is new and available that week. It can showcase my stuff, my new tracks, and also new stuff coming out that week. Just the best of the new, basically.

Morgan Page 1
Photo by: Michael Dahan

What is your process for finding the new music you feature?

I get sent about half the stuff that I play, and I discover some. A lot goes into it. It takes a lot of work every week.

I notice you tweet a lot about your car. I was curious about how that relates to your music fans?

Some of the people that designed the Tesla are actually fans of my music, so that’s the connection there.

Did always know that you wanted to be a DJ? How did you discover that is what you wanted to do?

I think early on I wanted to be big for TV and movies. I started in radio, and that was real exciting. I saw many DJs and realized that was something awesome to do, and eventually I went with that. Basically I got into radio first, and the radio kind of lead me into DJing, and then the creative sides of DJing and producing work hand-in-hand.

What advice would you give to aspiring producers?

The biggest thing I tell people is that it’s really important to work hard and that nothing comes out of thin air. No matter what stage you are in your career, you still have to really work hard. It may seem like all these guys like Hardwell are young and overnight success stories, but they have been putting about ten years in. Hardwell spent ten years DJing and producing. It’s about how many hours you put in and what your attitude is.

What can we look forward to from Morgan Page in 2014?

Hopefully this album will be done and also more shows. Fewer shows than last year, but you’ll see lots of Vegas shows and the album and then all the summer festivals.

For more info and to get tickets to Morgan Page’s shows at Avalon this weekend:

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