The first month of 2014 is in full swing, and with it come the significantly larger crowds at the gym/Rose Bowl loop/spin class/other assorted methods of fitness Angelenos choose to endure. If you’re like me, you probably dread the actual workout part but feel like a motherfucking rock star when you’re finished. The best way to combat the pre/during-workout dread? Music, of course! 

Some of my personal favorite tracks to work up a sweat to include…

Does It Offend You Yeah? –  “We Are Rock Stars”

The quintessential track to kick off your workout. It’s brash, it’s noisy, it adequately blocks out any unattractive heavy breathing noises you might be making…what’s not to love? Aside from that, the track has a horror movie-esque frantic quality to it that makes long bouts of cardio more fun and manageable.

Justice – “Waters Of Nazareth”

So you’re off to an explosive start and want to keep the pace going despite feeling the burn? Leave it to this oldie-but-goody from my favorite Parisian producers, Justice. With its rhythmic pacing and frenetic blips, it’ll distract you from that sinking sensation of tomorrow’s impending soreness you may begin to feel when you ramp up your workout.

C2C – “Down The Road”

At the halfway point in your workout, you may find yourself losing a bit of steam and in need of some musical motivation. That’s where C2C comes in. “Down The Road” has a steady pace and is undeniably catchy, but it isn’t anywhere near as chaotic as some of my other workout staples, which makes it perfect for that dreaded and depressing workout middleground.

Garbage – “Push It”

“This is the noise that keeps me awake, my head explodes and my body aches” pretty much encapsulates how dramatically close to death I feel when I’m nearing the end of my workout but am not quite at the home stretch yet. Apart from the song’s quick tempo, there’s something incredibly sexy about having Shirley Manson telling me to push it while I’m damn well near dying during exercise. I swear I’m totally straight.

Muse – “Stockholm Syndrome”

“Stockholm Syndrome” is pretty much the ideal song to end your workout to. It’s heart-stoppingly fast, has some seriously aggressive guitar riffs that are anthemic as fuck, and has a final showdown-esque instrumental quality that creeps in during the chorus thanks to Matt Bellamy’s mad piano skillz. How could you not be pushing your body to its limits during this track?