We are almost a week into 2014, and hopefully you are keeping your New Year’s resolutions (this year, I’m trying to take care of myself mentally and physically, and so far, so good!). If you’re struggling to keep yours and are just feeling a little anxious about kicking ass in 2014, luckily there are a ton of songs out there to keep you motivated.

Check out the top five songs in my soundtrack for the new year below and get ready for a stellar 2014!

5) Parachute – “New Year”

This song found me at the perfect time: January 2011 as I was contemplating moving to Los Angeles while nursing a broken heart. While lead vocalist Anderson admits, “I hate this holiday,” he later hopes “this could be [his] year.” That balance of being over the past and hopeful for the future, plus that infectious chorus, makes this indie-rock song number five.

4) Motion City Soundtrack – “Together We’ll Ring In The New Year”

Motion City Soundtrack has such a large, diverse discography that of course it includes a song reflecting on the new year. This emotional song is full of regret and sadness, but hey, that’s part of looking back on 2013 and promising you’ll be a little better next time around.

3) Death Cab For Cutie – “The New Year”

Unquestionably the top choice for emo-loving, indie rockers, Death Cab’s apathetic anthem for the new year is on every hipster’s January playlist. You gotta love an uptempo song, however, that is as catchy as it is uninterested in another year (“I have no resolutions”). The epic power chords make me smile, and it’s nice to know that, despite a new year, some things never change.

2) Regina Spektor – “My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)”

I could listen to Regina Spektor’s velvety voice sing about anything, and this optimistic ballad toasting the new year is one of my favorite tracks by the artist. Spektor hopes for “love overflowing” for “all living things,” which is the most positive toast to a new year I’ve heard yet. Combine that with her beautiful piano playing and ethereal vocal chorus and you have the most calming song on this top five.

1) U2 – “New Years Day”

No song can touch this electrifying, rocking track that not only celebrate the new year, but also expresses hope for a second chance at love as Bono promises, “I will be with you again.” Whether you are hoping to rekindle a romance or looking forward to new opportunities (he also sings, “I will begin again”), blast this song and get revved up for whatever the future holds.