Paramore, my favorite pop-rock band, has finally released a music video for “Ain’t It Fun,” the standout single from their 2013 self-titled album, and rather than a glossy, produced piece, the trio opted for a DIY video highlighting how much fun life can be.

Personally, I was hoping for a video that embraced the unique characteristics of this song — funky guitar riffs, gospel choir, clap-along breakdown — but I’ll admit, it is refreshing to see a band that has been through so much have such well-deserved fun.

In what looks like a promotional tie-in with the social media platform RecordSetter, the music video shows Paramore setting world records for some unique activities, including “Fastest Time To Unwrap A Mummy” and “Fastest Time To Run Backwards Holding Stuffed Animals While Blindfolded For 30 Feet.” The world records on RecordSetter are created by the public and evaluated by visitors to the site.

The band challenges fans to “see if you can beat the records” they set, so get going, and feel free to use this upbeat song as your soundtrack. If this video gets you stoked and you want to sing along, Paramore will be hitting the road with Fall Out Boy this summer for the nationwide “Monumentour”.


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