If after reading this headline, you catch yourself saying, “Umm… who?” that’s OK. I did the same thing first time hearing the duo’s name.

To fill you in, Jungle is a mysterious two-man group from the UK that released their first EP in late-2013. Apparently, after releasing the EP, they did almost no interviews, possibly garnering more attention than they would have had they publicized the release (for example, this blog post). It turns out that releasing four amazing songs and two videos featuring great dance sequences is enough to generate a pretty damn good buzz.

If you take Disclosure and TV On The Radio and smoosh them together like Play-Doh, when you stretch the putty out, you get Jungle. Their videos are posted below, and they are both really fun to watch. One features a 6-year-old B-Girl doing her thang, and the other shows the two guys in the group rocking out a roller skate routine.

Jungle will be at The Echo on March 17th to wrap up their week in the US, which includes five days at SXSW, and it will be the funkiest dance party this year.

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