On a scale of one to 1980, exactly how cool is Chromeo? I mean, if you were to distill the essence of their music into some kind of radness-concentrate, a drop in the water supply would be enough to fonzify the entirety of Los Angeles. Everyone would spontaneously have perfect hair, leather jackets, and an uncanny sense of rhythm. It would be amazing.


The video for “Come Alive” doesn’t really go down that road, but it could’ve. It’s a fun step back to the Weird Science-era of ’80s music videos where fantastic things happen to the band members followed by a dance number. Silly? Absolutely. But nothing about Chromeo has ever been serious.

Toro y Moi jumps in as a co-vocalist on this track. The two projects don’t really make the same type of music, so the crossover is a little bit unexpected. It works, though, even if Chaz Bundick isn’t a total ham like guys of Chromeo are. Get your funk on below.

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