After 5 or so minutes of trying to figure out how to type “†††,” I finally said, “Screw it,” and will cut and paste from here on out. That some bull shi

If you are a fan of the Deftones, you’ve probably heard that Chino Moreno — their lead vocalist — has a new project called ††† or “Crosses.” Their second EP, which you can listen to below, is dark and electronic, combining heavy grooves with hypnotic and airy melodies.

††† recently released an awesomely creepy video featuring ghosts, twins, weird shadows, and all kinds of other nightmare-inducing visuals for their song “Biches Brew.” The song is catchy and will leave you wanting more.

††† will be playing Coachella this year and releasing their debut full length on February 11th, so this won’t be the last you hear about them in 2014. Enjoy the video below!

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