I’ve always been what you might call lucky. My mustache comes in blonde. I’ve never had a cold sore that lasted longer than two or three months. Only six of my toenails are ingrown. And in my most recent stroke of luck, my first experience at LA’s world-famous Forum was with none other than the (also) world-famous, all-time bestselling, quintessentially legendary Eagles on Wednesday night.

Do they even require introduction?


Glenn Frey. El Capitan. My favorite of the many men who have sung behind the Eagles’ banner.


Don Henley. The face of the Eagles as we know them and the voice that’s brought generations of white people to their knees.


Timothy B. Schmit. The sensitive one — the George of The Eagles, if you will.


Bernie Leadon. The blast from the past, the throwback to the dawning of the Age of the Eagles.

Joe Walsh

Joe mothereffing Walsh.

Each show on the History of The Eagles tour is a three-hour love letter to both Eagles fans and the Eagles’ own incredible careers, comprising a blockbuster setlist that could easily be twice as long. Three hours! How are they doing this every other day? How can they possibly perform at this level after nearly half a century of rock star life? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: that’s why they’ve been famous for nearly forty-five years. There’s no substitute, not even the gorgeous acoustics of the Forum, for that kind of enduring talent.


As much as I prefer the vocal stylings of Glenn Frey, I have to give it to Don Henley — his voice hasn’t aged a minute, and he’s a fantastic live singer. As far as I could tell, their songs were all performed in the original keys, too, making his Dorian Gray-like voice even more impressive.


Joe Walsh’s guitar work was everything I’d hoped it’d be: raw, unmistakable, and utterly badass. His onstage presence was enough to make me giddy. I’d be remiss not to mention jaw-dropping guitarist Steuart Smith, as well; that guy busted out a custom double-neck guitar on “Hotel California” that made me want to slap my mother and positively tore up the lead guitar work Joe was too busy rocking out to play.

I knew the Eagles would be great. I wasn’t expecting to leave awestruck and overwhelmed with gratitude for having the privilege to see one of the most iconic bands in rock history, and at the Forum, no less. Lucky indeed! After this experience, I’ll never curse the misfortune of my uneven ears again.

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