Sister trio Haim — one of the best things to come from Sherman Oaks — made huge waves in 2013 with their ’80s-infused pop rock, and they don’t look like they’re even close to slowing down in 2014.

“Falling,” “The Wire,” “Forever,” well, pretty much any track off their debut record, Days Are Gone, has the potential to be a radio hit, a testament that is being put to the test as more and more of their songs are gracing major and independent radio station alike.


Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ offers fans the insanely unique opportunity of seeing bands with the potential to sell out stadiums in a room of only 150 people, and Haim was the venue’s inaugural 2014 performance. After an introductory Q&A with KROQ’s own Stryker, plus a love-tap here and there, the band captivated the audience, DJ, and possibly Blink-182 via Twitter before moving right into a six-song set.

LA locals, hometown heroes…call them what you like, but in any city on any stage, HAIM is a musical force to be reckoned with and will win your heart whether by their music, their personalities, or maybe just a smile. This was my second time seeing the girls live, and their true love for their hometown and mastery of their craft were evident. Their set was fluid and seamless, interrupted only by charming banter. Expect this trio to just keep getting bigger in 2014.


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