Windy City-native Felix Da Housecat has been a staple of the old-school house scene pretty much as long as I can remember. His anthem “Silver Screen, Shower Scene” was one of many tracks that people used to poke fun at me for listening to in high school back when all electronic music was called “techno.” You know, when it wasn’t cool. Oh, how the tables have turned.

Having caught Felix a handful of times already, I was reasonably prepared for the shenanigans I’d be getting myself into on the eve of Christmas Eve. His signature is always high-energy, filth-ridden house music, and as I walked into Sound Nightclub, that was exactly what hit me in the face.

Since 2manydjs’ set a couple weeks prior, Sound had apparently experienced a second wind of popularity. Either that or the venue had been oversold as I noticed a markedly larger crowd this time around despite the fact that the 2manydjs set had been sold out.

Despite more jostling and, by extension, more drinks being spilled on me, I was more forgiving about those around me than I ordinarily would have been thanks to the energetic set Felix delivered. Although his remix of The Talking Heads’ “Once In A Lifetime” came as a big surprise, it was his rendition of “Silver Screen, Shower Scene” that had the crowd going crazy.

Though I would have enjoyed the set a little more with better crowd management/a more polite set of clubgoers, I was satisfied with the set as a whole. I hadn’t expected anything else.

Fellix Da Housecat