With this weekend’s GRAMMY Awards ceremony comes the nonstop blur of swanky industry shindigs leading up to it. Kickstarting the award season debauchery was clothing brand Levi’s® Pre-Grammy bash Wednesday night. Amidst a sea of leggy blondes and industry big wigs, a display housing some of the brand’s more iconic designs took center stage in The Fonda Theatre’s lobby.

Miguel Fonda 2
All photos by Paul + Williams

I enjoyed actress-slash-model-slash-DJ Caroline D’Amore’s crowd-pleasing Beatport Top 40 big room tunes from the comfort of the balcony after which the lights were dimmed to herald the coming of GRAMMY-nominated R&B crooner Miguel. Emerging to a deafening crowd of screaming women, he coyly smiled before belting out track after track with his satiny smooth vocals. Although I was already well aware of his singing talent, I was nonetheless impressed listening to him live.

Miguel the fonda

On par on the impressiveness scale were Miguel’s intricate dance moves, which rolled off his body with envious effortlessness and worked well with the pops of color from the LED rig behind him. If there had been any doubt in my mind that this Angeleno was anything but a consummate performer, it was shattered by the time he finished his first song.

Verdict? I can think of far worse ways to spend a Wednesday night than being serenaded by Miguel.

Miguel Dancing

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