When Tegan and Sara Quinn, better know as Tegan and Sara, took a turn to pure synth pop last year with their release Heartthrob, the longtime indie duo finally broke into the mainstream.

The album single “Closer” was their first to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and the pair will be opening for Katy Perry’s worldwide Primastic tour this year, including a stop by Staples Center on September 19th-20th. After collaborating with The Lonely Island for the song “Everything Is AWESOME!” for The Lego Movie soundtrack, this Canadian act lent their talents to another soundtrack, this time the upcoming dramatic romance Endless Love.


Tegan and Sara return to their roots with this dreamy and romantic acoustic ballad. Its dramatic lyrics, which incorporate the movie title (“I’m losing my senses/I’m falling apart for us/Now I’m defenseless/I’m falling in endless love”), and cinematic flair will definitely underscore this emotional film.

The Endless Love soundtrack will be released on February 11th via Warner Brothers Records and will include songs by Franz Ferdinand, Echosmith, Cults, and more. The Endless Love film appropriately comes out on Valentine’s Day.

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