It has been less than a month since the great singer/songwriter Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) capped off the year with her amazing new single, “Birth in Reverse.” In the time since, we opened presents, gazed upon brightly lit streets twinkling with wintertime spirit, popped champagne, and said hello to 2014. As we slowly come out of our holiday season haze, St. Vincent is back in full force with the second single, “Digital Witness,” off her forthcoming self-titled album. Instead of wishing a farewell to 2013 as she did in December, Clark this time returns to welcome the new year with loving (yet impassive) arms.

“I care, but I don’t care,” St. Vincent sings on “Digital Witness” over the track’s addicting, thumping beat. Throughout the song, the lyrics slip in and out of apathy as the narrator grapples with passivity, yearning, and cynicism. We hear “What’s the point of even sleeping?” and “What’s the point of doing anything?” next to the more active thought “I want all of your mind.” Her veil of mystery returns both personally (“If I can’t show it, you can’t see me”) and in an abstract collective (“People turn the TV on / It looks just like a window”).

St. Vincent’s self-titled album is out February 25th on Loma Vista.

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