For lovers of those unexpected twin passions of music and astronomy (come on, I can’t be the only one), the announcement of Space Project is more than a little intriguing.

The project is going to be a Record Store Day release on April 19th via Lefse Records, and already it looks like one of the day’s most eye-catching releases. Essentially, it’s a bunch of pretty fantastic acts who have been asked to build songs around unique sound recordings from the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes launched back in the ’70s.


According to the press release, “the ‘sounds’ recorded by the Voyager probes aren’t sounds in the conventional sense; rather, they are electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near.” Tell me that’s not the trippiest sounding album of the year so far.

More exciting still is the list of acts involved in the project, including Youth Lagoon, Mutual Benefit, Beach House, and Spiritualized (pretty fitting considering their masterpiece was called Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space). The tracklist for the album is below, along with Youth Lagoon’s contribution to the effort, simply titled “Worms.”

Space Project Tracklisting

A: Porcelain Raft, “Giove”
B: The Antlers, “Jupiter”

A: Mutual Benefit, “Terraform”
B: Anna Meredith, “Miranda”

A: Spiritualized “Mississippi Space Program,” “Always Together With You (The Bridge Song)”
B. The Holydrug Couple, “Amphitrites Lost”

A: Youth Lagoon- “Worms”
B: Blues Control, “Blues Danube”

A: Beach House, “Saturn Song”
B: Zomes, “Moonlet”

A: Absolutely Free, “EARTH I”
B: Jesu, “Song of Earth”

A: Benoit & Sergio, “Long Neglected Words”
B: Larry Gus, “Sphere of Io (For Georg Cantor)”