If Moby, Pretty Lights, and The Crystal Method are any indication, live instrumentation is the hot new frontier for the electronic music sets of today. If that’s to be believed, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) are the trailblazing überhipsters who were doing this when it was still underground.  

Through the 11 albums and countless shows they’ve put out since their inception in 1998, STS9 has meticulously honed the craft of live, instrumental electronic music. Having caught the latter half of their set at the inaugural Life is Beautiful Festival, I can vouch for their artistry.

STS9 will be serving Angelenos their signature blend of electronic/jazz/funk/jam-band goodness at the Palladium on January 24th. Tickets with less eye-gougingly exorbitant service fees can be purchased directly from the band’s official site. At a mere $34, they’re a steal.

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