As a teenager finding first love in the lyrics of my favorite bands’ songs, I longed to get backstage at concerts to find out more about these artists than their stage banter or liner notes could tell me. Little did I know that roughly a decade-and-a-half later technology would be such that I am inundated on the daily with those same artists’ 140-character midnight musings and Instagrammed photos of their latest meals.

Thanks to advances in technology and the rise of social media, the barrier between the famous and their fans has blurred to the point of almost disappearing altogether, but one artist has found a way to grant the public access to a previously untapped aspect of the private lives of celebrities: their emails.

Visit iQ by Intel to read more about Los Angeles-based filmmaker/author/performance artist Miranda July’s “We Think Alone” project in which she asked ten celebrities to share messages from their sent email folders fitting a range of themes.

This is another is a series of articles written by LAmb co-founder Kristin Houser in conjunction with the iQ by Intel series to explore the link between technology and music.