2014 may have just begun but already it’s shaping up to be a big one for Darkside, the collaboration between the already acclaimed Nicolas Jaar and his former college buddy and multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington. Having played a surprise midnight set at The Roxy back in November (a show that took about ten minutes to sell out), they are now preparing to make their “proper” Los Angeles debut with a headlining show at the Fonda Theatre on January 25th. Although the show is not officially shown as sold out, tickets appear to be unavailable, so you might have to take an alternative route if you want to be there.


The source of the excitement is the group’s debut album, Psychic, which was popular enough with the writers at the LA Music Blog to place at #14 in our albums of the year list for 2013. Indeed, it was our LA Music Blogcast host David Fisch’s album of the year, which is reason enough to listen to it if you haven’t already. The fact that such a trip of an album has led to sell-out shows in major cities is extremely encouraging, and as a little appetizer, you should take 11 minutes or so out of your day to listen to Psychic’s mesmerizing opening track, “Golden Arrow,” below.

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