Now this is a natural fit if there ever was one.

Banks was one of my favorite breakout artists of 2013, and from the sound of her latest track, “Brain,” I was right to take notice. Part of my fascination with Banks’ music is her choice of producers. Her “sound” has always been…monochrome. That’s certainly her aesthetic — just check out the video for “Waiting Game” if you need convincing of that — but while the backbeats are always dark, always hazy, her lyrics are crystal clear. It’s quite the contrast.


You could say the same for LA producer Shlohmo. You might recognize his name from the collaborations he’s done with How to Dress Well and R&B singer Jeremih. If you’re familiar with Shlohmo’s style, you know he favors the same slow, heavy sound Banks does. A few years back, he made a track called “My Drum Loop Is Stuck in Molasses.” It hasn’t seemed to gotten out of it, and for that, we should all be grateful.

Check out “Brain,” Banks’ collaboration with Shlohmo, below.

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