After six albums, dozens of tours, and over a decade of emotionally rocking out, Anberlin, the band that carried me into my love of indie rock, announced that 2014 will be their final year together.

The news comes after the release of the much-beloved album Vital and two 2013 tours. While many fans saw the eventual end of Anberlin on the horizon, the silver lining is the band plan to go out with a bang rather than just fading away.

In an emotional video, the band promises a new record (with their first label, Tooth & Nail Records) and one final world tour in 2014 before the end of their era. They also collectively explain, “We’re asking you to join us as friends, as fans, as families. Join us for one last year. We want to make sure we see every single person who has given anything to this band.”

Check out the announcement, which features the band discussing the creation of the group and their decision to end on an amicable note, below.

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