My ideal of “punk rock” is fast, loud, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. For the past decade, the punk scene in LA has been home to a nice little gem that fits this mold perfectly without coming across as generic in the least.

Pu$$y Cow not only has one of the most legit punk rock ethos in town, but they do so with their own style, voice, and a smile. They take their name from the classic car commercial where Cal Worthington’s “Go see Cal” sounds like “Pussy Cow,” so it’s pretty clear they don’t take themselves too seriously. Their wit and charm lead crowd members to dance, laugh, and enjoy an experience they wouldn’t normally get at a punk show.

Pu$$y Cow has annual themed shows including a Halloween Covers Show and Dre Day. Dre Day is probably the best micro-festival in LA as well as one of the best kept secrets in our town. Pu$$y Cow created this event as a celebration of Dr. Dre’s birthday, and they’re about to celebrate its 8th installation. Punk bands get together, dress the part, and each cover one song by the producer that changed hip hop. Everyone dresses up, amazing stickers with Dre quotes are available, and drinkers compete in an Edward 40 Hands competition. You will not have this much fun at Coachella.

If you want to listen to something that is fun and punk rock but doesn’t preach politics or get too heavy, check out Pu$$y Cow. They put on an amazing show and have more fun doing it than most bands. Join them for Dre Day on February 7th!

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