Vowel-free synth-pop project DWNTWN was formed when Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda joined forces to write songs after romance soured between Leffler and Cepeda’s brother. What could have been an awkward situation for some has been a fruitful partnership for these LA natives.

Having since grown beyond a twosome, DWNTWN’s colorful, synth-laden soundscapes drive their tracks. Intrigue pulses through their dreamy sounds while Leffler’s voice, at once ethereal and formiddable (a la Sia), dances amid their inescapable melodies.

red room

Last November the group released their The Red Room EP to critical acclaim. The four-track nugget plays like a dancehall-driven middle finger to relationships, and it’s so contagious, it’s currently on repeat in my apartment. This year promises more of the same from the band as a couple additional EP releases wait in the wings.

Take the time to learn how to pronounce DWNTWN’s name now as this won’t be the last time you encounter it in 2014. They’ve taken up a residency this January at The Satellite, so get out and catch them performing for free on January 20th and 27th.

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