The holidays are here in the gnarliest way. Los Angeles is filled with manic drivers, its malls are packed with frantic shoppers, the grocery stores are running out of just about everything, and if you find yourself in any of those situations, you will undoubtedly encounter the same 10 Christmas carols sung by roughly 8,000 different artists.

If you have ever worked retail, you can relate to just how aggravating hearing these songs on repeat can really be. I get particularly tired within those last few weeks of the holiday season. Especially being such a music nerd/snob, it’s hard to hear several dozen mediocre pop artists doing their own special variation of the usual force-fed “classics,” but there are some great songs that I love to hear this time of year. These are those songs.

Adam Sandler  – “The Chanukah Song

I remember the first time I heard this song, it blew my mind. Adam Sandler put it perfectly when he said how there aren’t many mainstream songs to represent the Jewish population during the holiday season. This song is brilliant. Enjoy this amazing list of famous Jews who are probably also tired of hearing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Peanuts Christmas Dance Song

This is one of the most fun songs to hear during the holidays. This jazzy number will not only get you in the holiday spirit, but it will have you on your feet dancing in seconds. There is no direct Christmas reference in the song since there are no vocals, but it instantly connects the listener to the holidays.

“Carol Of The Bells”

This is the only traditional song you will find on my list. The embarrassing truth is that when I was in high school choir (yes, I was in high school choir), we sang “Carol Of The Bells,” and that song is ridiculously hard to sing. The sheer lung capacity and enunciation it takes to perform the song is remarkable. Also, this video is kind of epic.

The Nightmare Before Christmas“What’s This?”

If this song wasn’t a part of your childhood, I’m so sorry. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Tim Burton’s best films. When Jack first reaches Christmas Town, it’s kind of magical. He wanders around the town with glee and wonder, singing about the purity and beauty of the scene. This is one of the movies I have to watch every year.

Porky Pig – “Blue Christmas”

When Elvis sang “Blue Christmas,” women went wild. It’s kind of a touching song by itself, but when Porky Pig sings it, the song takes on an entirely different personality. There is almost a pitiful quality to the famous pig’s stuttering through the classic tune, but it’s hard not to laugh when you hear the people in the back of the sound booth cracking up. This might be my favorite Christmas song.

Happy holidays, everyone!