After a while it can get boring to watch the same old music video featuring a band playing their song in the middle of a desert or some other ridiculous setting. Thank god we have creative and inspired video directors willing to collaborate with visual artists.

Animation is proving to be a limitless medium. Artists are finding ways to create visually incredible works using everything from computers and pencils to clay and Legos. Some musicians have even based their entire careers around animated personas, and here are a few of my favorite videos utilizing the art form.

Animated Music Videos Tracklist:

01. “19-2000” – The Gorillaz
02. “Look What You’ve Done” – Jet
03. “One More Time” – Daft Punk
04. “Fucking Best Song Everrr” – Wallpaper.
05. “Paranoid Android” – Radiohead
06. “Sober” – Tool
07. “Only” – Nine Inch Nails
08. “Heartless” – Kanye West
09. “Fell In Love With A Girl” – The White Stripes
10. “Mustang Ranch” – Black Joe Lewis
11. “Take On Me” – A-Ha